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Welcome to our educational medical website dedicated to providing patients and families with accurate, comprehensive information about pancreatic cysts and about Cellvizio Optical Biopsy, a new imaging technique that may help doctors to “see cancer faster” . We hope this website will be a useful resource and help you to choose the best option should you or a loved one be faced with the possibility of a cancerous pancreatic cyst.

To this endeavor, you will find on this website, pages that aim to cover the following topics:
Understanding Pancreatic Cysts
The Importance of a Good Diagnosis
Treatment Options

There is also an in-depth section on Patient Resources that includes:
Frequently Asked Questions
A list of questions you may wish to ask your doctor
Testimonies from other patients

If you are interested in getting touch with a doctor who might be able to offer you more information about Cellvizio Optical Biopsy, please refer to the Physician Locator.

We welcome your feedback, suggestions and comments!

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